• Times subject to change, Look for Race Day announcements at Track
  • 8:45 Church Service
  • 9:00 Riders Meeting at Registration Trailer
  • 9:15 Practice starts and races to follow practice


  • Fee for all Classes:
  • $40 for first class
  • $30 for second
  • $20 for third class


Practice is for the purpose of learning the track that is being raced on that day. It is the riders’
responsibility to keep their skills honed between racing events. Be sure you know which practice you are
in and ride that practice only. For the safety of all riders, these groups are separated into groups. There
will be two rounds of practice; one approximately 10 minute practice followed by one approximately 5 minute practice on race day:
We will combine practice groups as needed on race day.
Practice 1: All liquid cooled machines with Expert and Intermediate riders
Practice 2: All liquid cooled machines with Novice riders
Practice 3: All Youth 65cc and 85cc (May be split up on race day)
Practice 4: All air-cooled machines with Expert and Intermediate riders
Practice 5: All air-cooled machines with Novice riders
Practice 6: All peewee
Almost every event will have Saturday full practice.
Please note: Make sure that you are signed in with enough time to practice. We strongly recommend
you 1) Walk the track prior to practice 2) Do a sight lap to get a feel of the dirt, obstacles and conditions
and the best thing if you can do is always walk the track prior to practice.


MOVMX uses a single card sign in program. Here’s how it works:

  1. Locate the registration trailer which will have blue MOVMX flags next to it. There will be a table outside the trailer which will have sign up cards and information
  2. Pick up one card for every class you plan to compete in (if you’re in three classes, you’ll need to fill out three cards)
  3.  On each card, please fill out the entire card. (please write legibly; if we can’t read it, we can’t enter it into the system for scoring)
  4. Verify all information is accurate and then sign each card. (Racers under 18 will need a parent/guardian signature and a minor release form signed by both parents)
  5. Hand the card(s) to an MOVMX staff member for processing.

Also make sure that you understand the forms you are signing. If you have questions, please contact a
movmx official.



If you plan on having your child under the age of 18 race, please get one of
these release forms either at the track or contact us ( and we will email it to you.
The focus of our movmx youth classes is to introduce young racers to competitive motocross. Beginner
classes are designed for a racer who has never raced or has raced less than a year. Advanced classes are
for racers who have raced for at least a year. We ask our State minibike racers to race the 2-stroke open

Peewee classes:

Our goal is to provide a fun and exciting experience for our young racers.

Peewee parents are welcome on the track at most events (verified at riders meeting) to assist with ALL peewee racers. A parent should help any peewee racer that is needing help, not just your racer.

A parent may push their rider across the finish line if their bike quits or breaks in the last turn before the finish line. Please exit the track quickly prior to the next race. Safety and awareness are key.


Bike changes are accepted in movmx. Things can happen with these older machines, and we don’t want unexpected mechanical failures to put an end to your race day. If you need to change bikes during race day, communication is key. Please come to the registration trailer and work with an movmx official to ensure the changes are noted so you will be scored accurately. We will need to know:

1. your name
2. the race number(s) you will be competing in with the replacement bike
3. the parked bike number
4. the replacement bike number

If you change machines for the 2nd moto, the replacement bike must also fit the class that you are entered. Bike changes must be done with the same or lessor cc and category of bike for the class you
are entered in.

For example:

If you are racing in Ultima/Ultima II 125 Open you must race another bike from Ultima/Ultima II
or lessor category such as a Historic/GP type bike with a 125cc or less motor. You cannot use an
Evo or 250cc bike in this example. Contact a movmx official for further explanation if needed.


Vintage Age classes: Age is determined as of the event date.
Youth Classes: January 1 st , 2020 determines which age group you should ride.


Scoring Race day awards Combined Moto Format: Placement for the finish of the day is determined by finishing spot of each moto. Lowest total wins the day. To calculate your total simply add your two motofinishes together. For example, if you finished 3 rd in moto 1 and 2 nd in moto 2, your total score is 5. In the event of a numerical tie, the lower scores (highest finish) in the second moto determines the overall.

If for any reason the race must be stopped it will be considered complete if the leading rider has completed over 50% of the laps. (Example: 3 laps completed in a 5-lap race) DNS means Did Not Start. A rider not coming to the line and completing one full lap will receive a DNS. They receive zero points for that moto.

DNF means Did not finish. A rider will receive zero points for that moto.

  • A side note: A rider may push their bike across the finish line. If the finish line is at the top of a large jump, bikes and riders can go around the jump and signal the score keepers. In the case the rider pushes their bike across the finish line, they will be scored and points for that position will be given.

If a rider leaves the course for any reason, they must reenter the track at the safest possible point nearest their point of exit. But not at a point where they improve their position. Movmx officials will judge infractions on a case by case basis. All reasonable efforts will be made to prevent a rider from having to race back-to-back on the race day schedule. If this cannot be avoided, a reasonable and short amount of time will be given for the rider to get a drink and prepare for next moto.


Points will be awarded towards championship according to each finish. A rider will receive points
if he or she is the sole class competitor.
A rider’s best 8 finishes will count towards Year End Series Awards.
A rider must race a minimum 7 races to be eligible for Year End Series Awards.
Ties in series points will be broken by the rider’s overall finish at the final race of the season.

The following points are awarded for each moto placing.


Complaints and Protests

If you have a complaint/protest (e.g., you have been wronged on the racetrack, you’ve witnessed a rules violation, there is an error in scoring), please notify MOVMX by completing a complaint form. They will
be located at the movmx registration trailer. All protests must be clearly written and be presented only to Frank Craven or an MOVMX official that is NOT the scoring team. Please do not interrupt the scorers.



GREEN – Start of Race and race is still going on or clear track conditions.

WHITE – One Lap to Go to Finish. (This is a courtesy flag and is not required to be displayed.)

RED – Stopping of Race for Emergency. Return to the starting line.

YELLOW – Caution, rider down on track or dangerous situation ahead. Keep your wheels on the ground, slow down, do not pass, no double or triple jumping, no aggressive riding. Racing may resume once you
are past the hazardous situation. NO improving of position. Penalty is a minimum of one finishing position per infraction. Maximum penalty is Disqualification. This will be a decision of the race official.

BLACK – Rider must pull off – Go see a track official. This could be for your safety if a movmx official sees an unsafe condition with your machine.

WHITE/RED CROSS – Caution, injured rider down/medical personnel on track. Keep your wheels on the ground, slow down, do not pass, no jumping, no aggressive riding. Racing may resume once you are past the hazardous situation.

BLACK/WHITE CHECKERED – Congratulations, End of Race – Exit track.

Please note: If during riders meeting it is stated that moto’s will be 5 laps, yet for some reason the race is not stopped after 5 laps, it will be considered over at the end of the 5 th lap. Scorekeepers lap sheets will determine moto finish.

Helmets and Safety Gear

All riders at any movmx event must wear at a minimum a helmet, goggles and motorcycle boots.

If you are on your race bike, your helmet should be on your head. Whether you are racing, warming up your motorcycle, or just “checking your jetting” after putting the carb back together, please put your helmet on your head.

If you are under the age of 18, your helmet MUST be on your head any time you are on a motorcycle. Parents you are responsible for your kids. Teach them safety please and keep unnecessary injuries to a minimum.

It is the sole responsibility of the rider, or riders’ parents if under 18 years old, to select a helmet and safety gear which will provide appropriate protection. Movmx does not endorse any manufactures products for the rider’s safety use.


Please have the same number on all 3 sides of your bikes. It is your responsibility to make sure that the numbers are legible. If the scorers can’t read it, there is a possibility you will not be scored. If you have questions, please contact a movmx official.

Drugs and Alcohol

If you are racing, do not drink ANY alcohol before your races are over. If you partake of illegal substances of any sort, DO NOT DO IT AT MOVMX EVENTS! Besides the obvious safety concerns, it’s illegal and we are guests on the private property of others. Please respect the kindness of these people who let us race on their land.


Your pets are welcome at MOVMX events. Please keep all pets contained with a leash. I am a pet owner too and I understand how a well-trained animal can be trusted. But a random squirrel, fallen hamburger, or loud noises can cause an animal to react in an unpredictable manner at any given moment.

This is a motorcycling event with machines moving about in all directions. Your animal trusts you to keep them safe from traffic and other dangers, and the riders trust you to keep you animal away from the racing surface.


All pit riding must be done in low gear. Our pits are a busy place with racers, mechanics and families. Please respect this and remember to keep your pit speeds down to first gear.

Parents, you are responsible for your kids and their riding habits. Almost every track has a place for clean out and test as well as kids to ride. Please refrain from doing this in the pits.

Be respectful of the track owners and all the hard work they have put in to provide you with a nice, safe facility. Grass is the hardest thing to keep in good shape. If its muddy, please do not destroy the grass.


All bikes must have silencers. Also recognize that even though some bikes have silencers they are obnoxiously loud and some measure should be taken to keep them to a tolerable level. Some of our events are close to homes, be considerate of our surroundings and others.


Entry fee refunds will be given to a racer up until the first gate drop of the day (Race one). We understand these machines will
have mechanical issues and sometimes during practice they will become un-rideable.

If races are cut short due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, and the first moto has been
completed, then we will count the race as official. All finishes and points from the first moto will be the
final official race finishing order.

All classes are modified classes

Movmx officials are not responsible for locating riders for their race. It is your responsibility to get at the
gate on time for your races.

A rider must be ready when called to the starting area. Two minutes are allowed after the starters call to
make minor repairs for mechanical issues.

Racers, and track officials are allowed in front of the starting gate. Altering of the track dirt in front of
the starting gate by the racer or his pit crew is allowed in MOVMX racing. Note: this is not allowed
outside MOVMX, but we want a safe racing environment for all our participants, so move the rocks and
prepare the ruts safely.

Gate pick is first come first serve. If necessary we will go to the Ponca National method and draw clothes
pins from a bucket to determine gate pick for first moto and second moto will be the order of finish in
first moto.

Any verbal harassment or physical abuse of MOVMX officials will be grounds for permanent
disqualification. Any foul riding, unnecessary bumping, crowding, chopping, blocking, or other un-
sportsman like conduct at the race event is grounds for disqualification or penalty as determined by a
movmx official. Each rider is responsible for the actions of their family and pit crew, and any detrimental
action they may cause could put a rider at risk of disqualification.

MOVMX officials will not move someone up a class. We will suggest class options to participants.

MOVMX officials reserve the right to make all final decisions.

It takes 3 bikes to make a class. If any class has less than 3 entries, that class will be combined with
another class for a better race experience. Combined classes will still be scored separately.

Be sure to have fun!