Missouri Vintage Motocross Racing Series

Thank you for your interest in Vintage Motocross racing & the Minibike Cup Challenge. My name is Frank Craven and I am the promoter of this series. I have an experienced team ready to help make this series competitive and fun. This group of people have raced this series, as well as other series, and is passionate about the sport. 

I started riding at the age of 6 on a Honda Trail 50. My first “brand new” bike was a 1979 Yamaha GT80, which I still have today. You will see it at the racetrack. Throughout the 80’s, I was racing weekly at Lake City, Agency, Freddy Vans, and various tracks around the Midwest. I also competed at Nationals in Ponca City and Lake Whitney and spent hours and hours riding at Sav-On (Kansas River). 

My dad introduced me to motocross when I was a young boy, and I continued that tradition with my three sons.  In fact, their first race was an MOVMX race several years ago at Greenwood. They are part of our series and you will see them at registration, the gate, scoring and helping anyone in the pits, and next to you on the line as they still race MOVMX.  I feel that this series, on these tracks is an excellent introduction to the sport of motocross for young people. The competition is still there, but the tracks are more beginner friendly. Racing is done on both grass and dirt tracks with both gated and rubber band starts (old school!) Please check out our Minibike Cup tab for more information tailored to our younger racers.   

We are excited to see everyone at the track this year: current racers, former racers and new racers.  We look forward to welcoming everyone into the MOVMX family. 

I’m always open to talk about racing, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on or off the track.

See you at the races!


Email: info@movmx.com

Voice/text: (913) 302-4829