Minibike Cup Challenge

The Minibike Cup Challenge is a new MOVMX offering this year, designed to offer our young racers and their families a fun and safe introduction to the sport of motocross.  My boys started their racing careers at MOVMX, learning the ropes and gaining valuable experience before working their way up to more competitive environments like the Missouri State series.  

Our primary goals: 

  1. Teach young riders how to race (e.g., preparing for the gate, how to start, proper form & technique, staying hydrated, how to race five or more laps)
  2. Provide a series for a family to attend and race throughout the year 
  3. Provide the racer and their family a fun and exciting environment to race their motorcycle 


At select MOVMX race weekends, we will be offering a Saturday training session for our young racers – beginners and novice 50/65/85cc racers and their family, and the actual Minibike Cup Challenge race on Sunday.  

We will offer eight classes for our youth racers:

  1. 50cc Peewee ages 4-6
  2. 50cc Peewee ages 7-10
  3. 65cc Beginner 
  4. 65cc Advanced
  5. 85cc Beginner
  6. 85cc Advanced
  7. Youth Four-stoke – machines up to 150cc
  8. Youth Vintage – Any minibike up to and including 1989

Beginner classes are designed for a racer who has never raced or has raced less than a year. Advanced classes are for racers who have raced for at least a year. We ask our faster more seasoned Missouri State minibike racers to race the 2-stroke open class.

Each Minibike Cup Challenge racer will receive a trophy on race day, and the top finishers will receive a Cup at our year end banquet. For questions on Minibike Cup Challenge please contact us at