helmet Missouri Vintage Motocross Racing Series

Vintage Motocross Racing Is Alive!
I hope before you leave our site that you will know and understand why vintage motocross racing is alive and well in this state.

Curtis Harper
My name is Curtis Harper and I am the coordinator for this series. Any and all questions and comments you have can be directed to me, any complaints can be taken up with the Australian Sheppard in the back.

Have Fun...
My philosophy towards vintage racing is simple. Have fun, Have fun and then have some more fun but above all be safe about it. "Everybody goes to work on Monday" is something you will hear a lot around here.

Best Racing Experience Possible
I intend to offer each Missouri Vintage Motocross competitor the best racing experience possible. To achieve this I continually strive to make each venue conform to the highest standards.

Machines Of Our Past
MOVMX is a vintage racing series that wants to highlight not only the machines of our past, but the spirit of racing of that era as well. To make it a family sport again.

Racing is done on both grass and dirt tracks with both gated and rubber band starts. Most importantly, the tracks will always conform to a low level of bone jarring obstacles. This insures less damage to the frame of the motorcycle as well as it's operator.

Come race with us where a race face still includes a smile.


Curtis Harper

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