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Points updated 11/10/2015

Thanks again for a great 2015

MOVMXers, A bit of a long read, but please take a minute.

The soft science of farm field racing

Every year about this time, several questions always emerge. What tracks will be on the tour next year? Will you be adding more classes? What determines if someone has to move up to the next class?

Well, for question one: Right now I have not yet determined but I will most likely be most of the same as 2015.

For #2, No I will not be adding any more classes. Changing the year structure is not yet warranted at this point, so it will stay as is for now.

#3, this one is always some what difficult to explain how it works. Generally it is considered that if you win your class, you move up. This is not always the case.

If you put in a dominating performance like Jeremy Theis did, by working hard and practicing and getting better and winning every moto except one all year, in the largest class on the schedule then yes you have earned the move up to expert. The track skills and discipline warrant the move. Jeremy is the only rider to make the move to Expert this year.

However on the other hand if you accumulate points by making all the races that no one else does and you are primarily the only one in your class that does not necessarily mean you will move up. Especially if you have not won a single moto throughout the entire season and are one of the slowest riders in the series. There are riders out there who self admittedly are lifetime novice riders. They are some of the most passionate about the sport with the most aggressive grasp of stats and specifications of anyone. These guys are the root of the sport.

On the middle ground are a couple of classes of novices, the PV+50 for example, that have several consistent riders and they have had good battles all year and swapped wins amongst several riders, one rider edging out by maybe 10 points on the year. These are some of the greatest races to watch, but that doesn’t mean they are required to move to Intermediate, thus breaking up a good pairing of riders skills and forcing someone to ride above their head. The general line choice, braking points and jumping distances are the reason they are still novice. To force one of them up to intermediate, which means they will at some point be on the track with experts is potentially disastrous.

What are the determining factors? To me primarily it is speed and skill. I try very hard to keep speeds and abilities together. Every body pays the same entry fees and has the right to get the best racing experience they can. For instance; Let’s say Henrik Svenson, Tim Turnbull, Joe Burke, Jeff Hockett and Bill Graham (Arguably the fastest bunch of regulars I could put together) are all on the line together and two to three laps in there are still four or five guys in  a pack battling it out. Going like stink, having a blast. Best race of the day by far. Does a novice level rider have any business on the track at that time just because he doesn’t want the word Novice on his plaque at the end of the year? To me that answer is absolutely not. A mobile road block in the middle of the corner when that pack comes around spells disaster in any sense. It spoils the racing, forces people to make bad decisions at high rates of speed. And ultimately gives those riders a bad experience that was avoidable.  

Flip side of that coin, if I see a rider that is signed up as novice, but yet is leading all the intermediate riders, just because he wants a first place for the day, I’m gonna move him up on the spot. I have done it, and I am sure will have to do it again.

Here’s the bottom line, Median age of riders in this series is 43 years old. Average bike is over 30. Average skill level of MOVMX riders compared to MoState riders? Well let’s just say there will not be any challenge races coming up soon.

One of my jobs is to try to keep the racing as fair and safe as possible. I make some mistakes from time to time, but I think the track record speaks for itself. This series is doing very well going into its 17th year in keeping with the farm field racing attitude of competition. So there is no room here for grudges, bad attitudes, or grievances held in contempt. If there is a problem, you know how and where to find me to discuss it.

All of that being said, we are still racers and we want to win. So if you want to ride with a faster bunch of guys, be a Jeremy. Work at it, try harder, get faster.

Every body have a great Thanksgiving, Kiss your wife, hug your children, and pet your dogs. They are the reason you have something called a home, and isn’t that what really matters?

2015 Missouri Vintage Championship Series
Sponsored by

Schmitt Mullhern LLC





  From I-70 just East of Kansas City:
  • Take I-70 to Exit 20
  • South approx 14 miles to Stringtown Road
  • East 3 miles to track
From the South:
  • Take 7 Hwy North from Harrisonville for approx 16 miles
  • East on Stringtown Road 3 miles to track

Special Instructions

For minor release form down here. Please print and fill out both pages, and have signed by both birth parents of the child you are bringing to race. Thanks




Race Day Schedule

Sign Up: 8:00 am  Practice: 9:00 am  Races: 10:30 am
Entry Fees

Each rider $35.00 for first class, $25 each additional

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